Following the Opium Wars against Britain and France and then the Taiping Rebellion, the Qing Dynasty undertook the Self Strengthening Movement (自强运动)to modernize China's military and economy in the model of the west, while preserving the essential nature of the Chinese imperial system. This lasted from 1865 to 1895.

This belief was not limited to the emperor or the Qing government. Many Western governments believed that China was reviving itself. Despite going to war with China British Empire allied with the Qing Dynasty against Russia and Japan. In 1894 on the eve of the first Sino-Japanese War, British advisor William Lang suggested that the Beiyang Fleet was the greatest naval force in Asia, and that "Japan must be crushed". Why was there any doubt? The Beiyang Fleet was made from the best German and British steel battleships with latest electrical, armor and large 12 inch guns.


India does not have the same ability of the Qing Dynasty to maintain its own armed forces. Qing Dynasty had Jiangnan Shipyard and Fuzhou Shipyard to maintain its fleets. They had Hanyang Arsenal to arm soldiers with rifles and cannons. Today, India does not have its own aerospace or naval industry capable of maintaining its air and naval forces. It even has to import AK rifles - even the Qing Dynasty did not have to import rifles. They were capable of copying Winchesters.


Unfortunately, India today is the sick man of Asia.