When Disney announced that it would be releasing "Mulan" on Disney+, one number stuck out: $30.


That's how much Disney is charging viewers to watch the blockbuster when it debuts next week on its new streaming service.


Why release it on Disney+?


"Mulan" cost $200 million to make, an amount that may be hard to recoup via digital subscxtions alone. This was a major reason why Disney (DIS) kept delaying the film instead of debuting it on Disney+ months ago.

《花木兰》的制作成本高达2亿美元,仅通过数字订阅很难回本。 这就是为什么迪士尼在数月前一直在推迟这部电影而没有在迪士尼+上映的一个主要原因。

'Mulan' is finally heading to Disney+... for $30


Disney is releasing the film simultaneously to theaters in markets where Disney+ is unavailable and where theaters are permitted to open.


This includes China — a country that's crucial to the film's box office bottom line. For "Mulan," international grosses were always going to be a big part of the equation, but while some movies are performing well overseas, its totals may not approach what it could have made without the pandemic.

其中就包括中国这个对电影票房底线至关重要的国家。 对于《花木兰》来说,国际票房收入一直是票房平衡的重要组成部分,但尽管一些电影在海外表现不俗,但疫情之下的总票房可能还是与没有疫情的情况无法相比。

"There is a good chance Disney could better monetize 'Mulan' with Premier Access relative to the box office," he said. "If there were any questions prior, it shows Disney is all-in on streaming."

他说:“凭借与票房相关的“优先访问”,迪士尼有可能更好地利用《花木兰》赚钱。即使之前有任何问题,它也只是显示了迪士尼正在全力投入流媒体服务。 “

Another benefit to Premier Access for Disney: "Mulan" could incentivize people not to cancel their Disney+ subscxtion.


"One of the benefits of the streaming age is there are zero costs for canceling services. Consumers can easily subscribe to a streaming service when their favorite show is on and then turn it off when finished," McTernan said. "This new window could be a way for streamers to dissuade the cycling between services."

“流媒体时代的好处之一是取消服务的成本为零。 消费者可以轻易地在他们最喜欢的节目开播时订阅流媒体服务,然后在结束时取消,”麦克特南说,“这个新窗口可能是流媒体阻止消费者们在服务中来回徘徊的一种方式。”

Will it be a success?


Blockbusters are usually judged by how big their box office is, and even though "Mulan" is one of the biggest titles this year, it may not matter if it's a huge success for Disney.


Movie theaters are starting to reopen. Will anyone go?
Movie theaters are starting to reopen. Will anyone go?

电影院开始重新开张了。 有人会去吗?

"IfCOVID is causing most movie theaters to remain closed, charging via Disney+ would appear the best way to connect to their audience and make more revenue right now," Shaikh told CNN Business.


So "Mulan" is a monumental moment for the industry, an experiment that will allow Hollywood's biggest studio to peer into the future. Beyond that, however, it's hard to say what impact the film's digital release will have on the business.

因此《花木兰》对电影行业来说是一个具有里程碑意义的时刻,这是一个让好莱坞最大的电影公司窥见未来的实验。 然而,除此之外,很难说这部电影的数字发行会对其业务产生什么影响。

"'Mulan' on Disney+ is a reflection of the abnormal state of the theatrical business right now," Shaikh said. "I don't think consumers have to suddenly start worrying about a number of titles on their streaming services requiring an additional fee."

谢赫说:“《花木兰》于迪斯尼+上映反映了当前影院行业的反常。 我认为消费者不必突然开始担心他们的流媒体服务上大量节目需要额外付费。 “