And the world’s fastest wireless charging


Oppo has long been a leader in engineering fast-charging solutions — it developed the tech behind the Dash Charge system used in OnePlus phones, for example, and has achieved even faster results in many of its own devices. Today, the company is taking a further step forward with the announcement of a 125W system that it claims is the most advanced in the industry.


The headline figures of the system are that it can charge a 4,000mAh phone battery in 20 minutes and up to 41 percent in 5 minutes. If accurate, this would beat Oppo’s own record for fast-charging a battery of that size by around 10 minutes.


This isn’t simply a matter of building a big power adapter and plugging it into a regular phone — the charger, cable, and battery itself need to be designed together for safety and efficiency. Oppo says the phone, which isn’t yet a commercial product, uses double-6C cells with “breakthrough battery ratio,” while the charger benefits from improved power density properties so as not to grow too large. It uses USB-C at both ends of the cable, unlike Oppo’s previous USB-A VOOC chargers.


Oppo 65W AirVOOC charger.

OPPO的65瓦AirVOOC 无线闪充

Oppo has been extremely slow to adopt wireless charging, only announcing its first phone to use the technology earlier this year, but the company is now claiming to have the fastest wireless system too. Its new 65W AirVOOC tech can wirelessly charge a 4,000mAh battery in 30 minutes, Oppo claims, which would even make it faster than any currently available wired solution.


Oppo has designed a 65W AirVOOC charger, but there’s no word on when it’ll be available or when phones will support it. The lack of wireless charging was really my only major complaint with this year’s otherwise-excellent Find X2 Pro flagship, so hopefully Oppo will take the feature seriously.

OPPO已经设计了一款65瓦功率的Airvoc充电器,但目前还没有消息透露它什么时候上市,或者什么时候会有手机支持这项技术。无线充电的缺席、是我对今年Find X2 Pro旗舰手机的唯一抱怨之处,所以我希望OPPO能认真对待这一功能。

Finally, Oppo is rounding out its day of charging tech news by announcing a couple of compact adapters that use GaN technology to reduce their size. There’s a 50W mini SuperVOOC charger that Oppo compares to the size of a business card holder, along with a 110W mini flash charger that’s about the size of a regular 18W adapter.